Monday, July 12, 2010

Sex in Yet Another City...

The eagerly anticipated sequel to the first SATC movie, Sex and The City 2 has ultimately been a hit, though whether it's rich viewer history and inbuilt fanbase from the Candace Bushnell novel and TV fans helped its cause is another matter entirely.

Director Michael Patrick King, filled with his usual witticisms and deep understanding of the female psyche returned after years in the pilot's seat, while he was deeply complimented by dabbling Executive Producer and star of the TV and film franchise, Sarah Jessica Parker.

SJP as she's affectionately known to the paparazzi brought her A-game in most of her scenes, and while it surprised me that the film was unusually drama-free (which threw me after the dramatic tear-filled scenes of the first film), it was definitely entertaining.

Interestingly enough, the franchise is such a household name, that the producers decided to stage a number of fake storylines to throw off the press.
These red-herrings included Samantha played brilliantly by the sassy Kim Cattrall, running down Fifth Avenue in a wedding dress, while the name of her gorgeous ex-boy-toy Smith Jerrod.

While it was surprising that the film was unexpectedly light hearted, it included, as usual a feast for the eyes, providing delectable destinations and scenery, as well as incredible aesthetics in colour.

And Oh, the fashion.
If you didn't already know that Sex and the City is basically more famous for it's fashion by incredible costume designer Patricia Field...Well, get out from under your rock people!
It just goes to show that getting older doesn't necessarily mean you have to lose your sense of outrageously incredible style.

An overall good film, though lacking in a proper story direction in some points (I guess to make up for the dramatic haul of emotional baggage from film number 1), Sex and the City 2 is a must see for SATC fans, and women who just want to see a feel good chick flick with their girlfriends - because really, that's what the TV series was for anyway.

Enjoy, girls - this one's for you!

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