Friday, July 23, 2010

Salted With Excitement

I know I'm not reviewing it, because it hasn't come out yet, but I just had to post about how ultimately excited I am about the upcoming Angelina Jolie thriller Salt.

It's going to be incredible - just ask the HD trailers ;)

All around wonder-woman, Angelina Jolie (I could list all the things that maker he incredible accomplished, but it would take five blogs to fit it all in) is starring as CIA officer Evelyn Salt in the action packed chase thriller where she is accused by a defective spy for 'double agenting' for the Russians.

The trailer looks incredible and my excitement is mounting until early August when Salt will grace movie theatres with it's action filled presence.

Jolie looks to be having a good film season if you include her collaboration with my personal favourite, Johnny Depp in The Tourist.

Be on the lookout for those trailers too!

Happy watching!

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