Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eclipsing the Rest

Eclipse is my favourite book in the Twilight saga, specifically because of the constant, real action, and the sexual tension that presents itself both in the Jacob, Bella and Edward triangle as well as the fact that Bella and Edward are unable to consumate their relationship because of her fragility.

The film was everything I'd hoped it would be. So closely related to the book in a way the other movies never quite achieved. David Slade outdid the other Directors by far, capturing the darkness and the light of this amazing book series.
Robert Pattinson has been knocked off his high 'hot man' horse by Taylor Lautner who everyone knows, unless they've been living under a rock, plays huffy werewolf Jacob Black.
Taylor and Kristen's chemistry was evident as they danced around Bella's possible feelings for best friend, Jacob.
Non-stop filled with action right from the opening with human, Riley running from our old red-headed friend through the rain, sent hearts pulsing and begging for more.
A brilliantly acted and scripted scene between Billy Burke (Charlie) and Kristen Stewart (Bella) where they broach the 'safe sex' conversation in the most awkward way possible was a characteristic move of the actors, and well-executed.
One newcomer who had much more screen time, and surprised us all was Jackson Rathbone who plays Edward's brother Jasper, mate of cute, overzealous Alice Cullen.No casting role was done better than that of hiring Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of Directing legend Ron Howard, to play scorned vixen vamp, Victoria.
With incredible chase scenes that were fast paced and well-executed, to tension scenes that had us squirming in our seats, this film was a true victory for Director David Slade and the entire Eclipse Cast.

Overall, the film was incredible, and as I said, the best so far. Don't wait to see it, you'll want a repeat screening.


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