Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Season 6: HOUSE

Whether you like it or not, you can't deny that the television show 'House MD' is cleverly written. Personally, I'm a huge fan, and I'm not usually a medical-drama person.
Anyway, due to the sad lack of awesome movies until the 19th of August when Salt graces the big screen, I'm forced to look beyond the cinema to the silver screen for action.

My day job just so happens to see me being sent a whole host of awesome upcoming media tricks like CD's, Movies and TV series, and House season 6 was lucky enough to fall on my desk yesterday.
Australian television streaming aint what it used to be, so you can be forgiven for not following through and watching the entire season on television. For those of you who are waiting for the DVD release, you definitely wont be disappointed.
House is out of rehab, and ready to move on from his 'Amber Ghost' and make nice with Wilson. This great season sees a whole bunch of interesting story lines including one staff member being fired (and then re-hired), two major break ups, some interesting new relationships, an old lovable staff member returning to the central fold, Cuddy get's a new boyfriend, House and Wilson try moving in together, Foreman and Taub getting high together during a hospital lockdown and a great kareoke moment between House, Chase and Foreman that I for one just didn't see coming.
(There's also an appearance by Australian Adam Garcia!)
The season finale actually does the series justice, and provided some much needed answers while raising a couple more questions, and it makes me wonder if there even will be a season seven, or if that's it.
Until next time, happy watching!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Salted With Excitement

I know I'm not reviewing it, because it hasn't come out yet, but I just had to post about how ultimately excited I am about the upcoming Angelina Jolie thriller Salt.

It's going to be incredible - just ask the HD trailers ;)

All around wonder-woman, Angelina Jolie (I could list all the things that maker he incredible accomplished, but it would take five blogs to fit it all in) is starring as CIA officer Evelyn Salt in the action packed chase thriller where she is accused by a defective spy for 'double agenting' for the Russians.

The trailer looks incredible and my excitement is mounting until early August when Salt will grace movie theatres with it's action filled presence.

Jolie looks to be having a good film season if you include her collaboration with my personal favourite, Johnny Depp in The Tourist.

Be on the lookout for those trailers too!

Happy watching!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Remembering the Good Times

A little slow on the uptake, I decided to take it upon myself to finally see one of the rare movies when Robert Pattinson was not a sparkly magical being (he kind of sparkled in Harry Potter 4 too...), Remember Me and I think I was pleasantly surprised.
Aesthetically speaking, the film was dark, reflecting the depressing nature of human and family contact.
While I was misled before seeing the film to thinking it was based completely around a love story, that is not primarily the case. Remember Me centres itself around much more pressing family issues, exploring multiple relationship connections and disasters.

It was interesting to see Robert Pattinson in a role that actually required him to do more than stare at a girl - and I must say he did it quite well. His performance as the delinquent and self-isolated Tyler Hawkins was thought-provoking and empathetic, and his loyalty and love for his little sister was heart-warming.
Australia's own Emilie De Ravin was great as Ali, though she seemed to be channeling a bit of Kristen Stewart's sultry acting style which is no criticsm from me. Her broken relationship with her father (played by Hollywood veteran Chris Cooper) was executed in a emotionally dark manner. What I enjoyed most was that Cooper's character, though diminished by hitting his daughter, was not the fundamental 'bad guy' that those characters usually are.
Former 007 Pierce Brosnan stepped into a much less righteous role as cold, unforgiving father Charles Hawkins, which he delivered with poise, sophistication and appropriate arrogance for the role.
But the character I had the most interest in was Caroline Hawkins, the little 'loner' sister who was portrayed beautifully and quietly by cutie Ruby Jerins. The loving familial interaction between Pattinson and Jerins was what had me totally hooked in the storyline, and gave the entire film purpose.
But the real reason I thought this film worth reviewing despite it being 'old news' on the film circuit was the incredible last five minutes when Charles Hawkins finally comes through and takes Caroline to school for the first time in years.
He's helping Tyler out with a lawyer after bailing him out of jail for the second time, and he's going to meet him in his office.

Tyler makes his way to the office, sits and waits for his father who might not be as bad as he'd always thought.

- Warning, spoiler alert! -
Brilliant cinamatography shows that Tyler is actually standing on one of the top floors of one of the twin towers, before cutting to Caroline's school class where they are writing today's date:

11 September, 2001.

The impact of that moment is for the viewers to find out, but suffice it to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this Allen Coulter indie film for what it was: A deliciously dark tale of family, love and relationships being tried and tested, and with a deep, heart felt message delivered with a subtle quality, that family should always come first.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sex in Yet Another City...

The eagerly anticipated sequel to the first SATC movie, Sex and The City 2 has ultimately been a hit, though whether it's rich viewer history and inbuilt fanbase from the Candace Bushnell novel and TV fans helped its cause is another matter entirely.

Director Michael Patrick King, filled with his usual witticisms and deep understanding of the female psyche returned after years in the pilot's seat, while he was deeply complimented by dabbling Executive Producer and star of the TV and film franchise, Sarah Jessica Parker.

SJP as she's affectionately known to the paparazzi brought her A-game in most of her scenes, and while it surprised me that the film was unusually drama-free (which threw me after the dramatic tear-filled scenes of the first film), it was definitely entertaining.

Interestingly enough, the franchise is such a household name, that the producers decided to stage a number of fake storylines to throw off the press.
These red-herrings included Samantha played brilliantly by the sassy Kim Cattrall, running down Fifth Avenue in a wedding dress, while the name of her gorgeous ex-boy-toy Smith Jerrod.

While it was surprising that the film was unexpectedly light hearted, it included, as usual a feast for the eyes, providing delectable destinations and scenery, as well as incredible aesthetics in colour.

And Oh, the fashion.
If you didn't already know that Sex and the City is basically more famous for it's fashion by incredible costume designer Patricia Field...Well, get out from under your rock people!
It just goes to show that getting older doesn't necessarily mean you have to lose your sense of outrageously incredible style.

An overall good film, though lacking in a proper story direction in some points (I guess to make up for the dramatic haul of emotional baggage from film number 1), Sex and the City 2 is a must see for SATC fans, and women who just want to see a feel good chick flick with their girlfriends - because really, that's what the TV series was for anyway.

Enjoy, girls - this one's for you!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eclipsing the Rest

Eclipse is my favourite book in the Twilight saga, specifically because of the constant, real action, and the sexual tension that presents itself both in the Jacob, Bella and Edward triangle as well as the fact that Bella and Edward are unable to consumate their relationship because of her fragility.

The film was everything I'd hoped it would be. So closely related to the book in a way the other movies never quite achieved. David Slade outdid the other Directors by far, capturing the darkness and the light of this amazing book series.
Robert Pattinson has been knocked off his high 'hot man' horse by Taylor Lautner who everyone knows, unless they've been living under a rock, plays huffy werewolf Jacob Black.
Taylor and Kristen's chemistry was evident as they danced around Bella's possible feelings for best friend, Jacob.
Non-stop filled with action right from the opening with human, Riley running from our old red-headed friend through the rain, sent hearts pulsing and begging for more.
A brilliantly acted and scripted scene between Billy Burke (Charlie) and Kristen Stewart (Bella) where they broach the 'safe sex' conversation in the most awkward way possible was a characteristic move of the actors, and well-executed.
One newcomer who had much more screen time, and surprised us all was Jackson Rathbone who plays Edward's brother Jasper, mate of cute, overzealous Alice Cullen.No casting role was done better than that of hiring Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of Directing legend Ron Howard, to play scorned vixen vamp, Victoria.
With incredible chase scenes that were fast paced and well-executed, to tension scenes that had us squirming in our seats, this film was a true victory for Director David Slade and the entire Eclipse Cast.

Overall, the film was incredible, and as I said, the best so far. Don't wait to see it, you'll want a repeat screening.


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